A Sales Brain That Never Sleeps

We have developed a model for human actions at scale. Completing complex tasks with intent. For networking, demand generation and sales.
A cornerstone of Vendi, our Mission-Driven Agent Architecture (MindArch). Enabled by recent advances in GPT/LLM’s and the dwindling costs of training and fine-tuning. The MindArch model contains complex multi-step AI constructs called actions. Optimized for networking, demand generation and sales. Informed by real life data.
Examples of MindArch Actions
Indentify Decision Maker
Generate Ad
Engage on Social Media
Update CRM

Access to latest models

Your Sales Brain will always use the latest version of Vendi’s base model, built on the best LLM’s.

Performance Calculations

Every aspect of the sales process is monitored and turned into insights. Content, strategy and tactics are auto upgraded.

Power anything

The Vendi suite includes all you need, but the Sales Brain can also be integrated with your existing sales stack.