Pocket-sized Superpowers

From opportunity to win, your Vendi Co-Pilot is there to help you close more deals. Being multi-modal it goes where you go and understands images, text and spoken language.
Daily feed of actions with ready-made content. Complex sales? Swipe to win.
Keep your hands on the wheel - every sales call instantly turns into notes and next steps

Context is queen

Your sales intelligence moves with you, giving you the right insights, whenever and wherever you need them.
Vendi integrates with all your most loved necessities.

Make deals, not reports

Every sales action is automatically added to the CRM. No more manual card shuffling and logging 🥳.

Share and improve

Captured data trains your organization’s Sales Brain, creating performance based guides, collateral, and beyond.

Never miss a beat

Let an AI version of yourself  manage missed calls. Increase close rates with a voicemail that’ll make people go wow.
It’s not about throwing out lines to see who bites; it’s about making every message count, every interaction a step closer to closing. This is B2B marketing that doesn’t just perform—it persuades, it prevails.
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