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The AI-driven approach goes beyond traditional searches, unveiling unique prospects and valuable connections I wouldn't have found on my own.
- Carl H, Co-Founder and Sales @ ReSocialize

The Problem

Prospecting takes a ton of time

  • โœ“ Tool Overload and Filter Fatigue
  • โœ“ Data Quality Issues
  • โœ“ Deliverability Problems
  • โœ“ Scalability and Quality Concerns
  • โœ“ Limited Prospect Insights

Introducing Vendi

A new intelligent prospecting platform that finds high-value accounts and contacts for your business.

Laser-Targeted Lead Identification

Find the right person โ€“ skip the rest. Vendi does the hard work for you, our custom AI streamlines your prospecting and delivers only relevant companies and contacts without the need to drown in filters. Eliminating the need to sift through unrelated leads.

Automated growth of your LinkedIn network

Automate the process of sending LinkedIn connection invites to all high-value leads identified.

Deep live insights for warmer outreach

Vendi offers a richer understanding of each prospect, ensuring you know more about whatโ€™s what. Like having a team of research assistants at your disposal that works day and night, on autopilot.

Verified emails with 99.99% deliverability

Multiple data sources and validation ensuring mail deliverability (99,9%) and improving quality and outreach success.

Connect with Sheets, Hubspot and other tools

All data is automatically synced to Google Sheets for easy automation, export, and no-code CRM integrations. Want help connecting the dots? We are here to assist.

Calculate your potential

How big is your Serviceable Obtainable Market? With a billion people in our dataset, you can rest assured your future clients are in there. Let our AI guide you in creating a smart ICP and we will tell you what your potential is.

Allways With Vendi

Bi-weekly fireside success sessions
Access to exclusive Slack community with B2B founders and sales leaders
Free access to our B2B Sales Courses
Read more about Vendi's commitment to managing data responsibly.



Help to get off the ground

Not just a login.ย All the things you need for succesful B2B sales as a get started package. Easy as 1-2-3.

We do your CRM integration


We connect Vendi to your CRM and ensure your data ends up where you want it. Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and hundred of other CRMs supported.

We help you Auto-Connect with new leads on LinkedIn


Guided setup of tools to automatically send invitations to all leads identified in Vendi.

We offer Ongoing Support and Consultation


We help fine-tune your Vendi profile as needed and support you with both tactical and operational questions regarding content, tools and much more.
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