Took Data, Made it Better

We love data. So, we’ve got lots of it. We also love relevance. So we used AI and overlapping data sources to improve our data beyond what you’ve seen from any sales data provider.
Accurate and rich data for a wide range of industries across the globe. Our data quality is best in class. Company description comparison.
Our vast data set consists of contextual tokens unique for the go-to-market use case, providing both smartness and specificity.
Data is gold…
The amount of data available to a GPT/LLM AI model directly correlates to its smartness.
The Vendi dataset is built to fit today’s AI landscape where much more data is needed than ever before.
…Contextual Data is 💎
Our data is a mix of Retrieval Data and Synthesized data.
Data is unique per company but also unique per user/company pair, implying an exponential data growth.